Employee Motivation Is Positively Correlated

November 8, 2019

By jobs being restructured we understand a permanent update with industry trends (i.e. technological upgrades, foreign languages) for the same job or job rotation for the same employee. Both ways are meant to stimulate motivation.

Base rewards on job performance. Employees need to be determined to strive for better results. These results come with better performance and better performance comes from better motivation and enhanced abilities. To increase motivation, managers should let employees know that a part of their rewards (such as financial benefits other than the fixed salary) will be proportional with the performance. Employees will try to have better results to have better rewards.

Motivation plan

Working conditions and workloads are the positive aspects of the surveys results. However, there were some individuals (22% for working conditions and 30% for the workload) that were unsatisfied with what company had to offer in this area. These two issues will have the lowest priority, since most of the respondents were satisfied.

Safety conditions, development and promotions opportunities, reward policy and benefits need to be addressed with priority, as the respondents were poorly satisfied by the companys implication in these areas.

Safety conditions should be number one priority. However, since improving these conditions, the company would have to make installations upgrades in the utility plants, the safety conditions issue will be addressed after all other issues that received a negative employee feedback.

89% of the participants stated that they would like to improve their skills, but they see no opportunity for that. Given that the company has tight financial constrictions, the possibility of paying trainings for the employees to improve their qualifications is not to be taken under consideration for the moment. However, the company can organize job rotations, so that each employee gets the chance to diversify its skills by learning how to perform some of their colleagues tasks. Some of the employees may turn out to be more efficient and more compatible with other jobs than the one they currently have. Also, the managers may make an extra effort and redefine their job attributions, so that everybody knows what the company expects from its employees and what the company gives in return for fulfilling these attributions correctly.

Perhaps, mentioning those responsibilities in a document and making it public would increase transparency in the company and employees would feel more satisfied.

87% of the respondents were dissatisfied with the promotion opportunities in the company. Also 74% of the same respondents felt that there is no relationship between their performance and their pay. These two results are influenced by each other and they imply that the company does not have too many promotion opportunities indeed, and managers dont really care about performance reviews because they cant offer better payments. So, even if the employer improves its performance, the payment wont rise, because the company is stretching all costs to have enough financial resources for the companys growth. However, the company should be aware that human resources are just as important for its growth as the financial resources. Even if currently the company is not thinking of reallocating part of its financial resources that normally is spent on growth to increase personnel motivation, it should do so in the future. For the moment Utiliscan has to focus on the favouritism accusation of some of its employees and first clear those accusations out and design a set of rules to prevent that from happening in the future. If managers set individual goals for each employee and allows for the goal setting process to be transparent within the company, the promotion process can only be a fare one.

Utiliscan is a small company that cant afford high benefits as large multinationals, but has the advantage of small company personal work relationships. So, the relationships between managers and employees of the same level should be very close and this fact needs to be emphasized to increase their motivation.

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